A Taste of Fear

A Taste of Fear

Time To kill Records



Stefano Sciamanna – vocals
Emiliano Pacioni – guitars
Michele Attolino – bass
Flavio Castagnoli – drums




Style: Technical Thrash Death Metal

City: Rome (ITALY)


The project comes alive thanks to the ideas composed and written by bassist Michele Attolino, and they are based on his favorite metal genres, Thrash and Death metal. After a long period of evaluation, Michele decides to devote himself to the project. After a research of valid elements to form the band, on April 2014 singer Stefano Sciamanna joins the project. His eclectic vocal versatilities are suitable to emphasize all those hardships, injustices and feelings expressed in the lyrics. On February 2015, drummer Flavio Castagnoli joins the band, thanks to his remarkable technical skills and thrash metal soul. On August 2015, the band is completed with guitarist Emiliano Pacioni, a versatile and very experienced musician, a recognized talent.


“God’s Design”



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