Across the Swarm

Across the Swarm

Time To kill Records


Francesco A. Flagiello – Voce
Marco Lambertini – Chitarra
Luca Sammartino – Chitarra
Mirco Diana – Basso


Style: Death Metal

City: Bologna – Italy




Born in 2013 from an evolution of Lacerater, Across The Swarm is a Death Metal band based in Bologna. After several line-up changes, the group stabilizes with Francesco Flagiello (vocals), Mirco Diana (bass), Marco Lambertini and Luca Sammartino (guitars). In 2014 Across The Swarm recorded their first EP with Riccardo Grechi on drums. The EP is made up of 5 tracks of pure death metal, grooves and Drum and Bass samples created by Luca Lodi (NK) of the Hallucinator duo.
In 2015 Across The Swarm perform in Europe with other bands from the underground scene and in 2016 they record their single “Waiting for the Hyenas”, presented with a video clip produced by Lucerna Film. The same year the band performed with bands from the international scene such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Modern Age Slavery, Electrocution, Hideous Diviniy and Hate.
From 2017 to 2018 Across The Swarm are dedicated to the production of their first CD entitled ‘Projections’, which will be released via Time To Kill Records.


Across The Swarm – 2014
Waiting for The Hyenas (Singolo) – 2016


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