Line up:

Dado – Vocals/Guitars
Phil – Lead Guitars
Ale – Bass Guitar
Ja – Drums


Adversor was founded in late 2015 by Dado who recruited his brother Ja, on drums and Aurora on lead guitar. Ema joined the band shortly after and the band headed directly to the recording studio to produce their 2 time sold out demo “Beware Of The Soothsayer”. The young band released their “Rise To Survive” debut album in October 2016 under the “Punishment 18 Records” label. The new album which was greatly welcomed by fans and critics. In 2016 and 2017 they toured Europe to promote RTS. After the tour Aurora parted ways with Adversor and she was replaced by Phil at lead guitar. In a few months the band got back in the studio to record the its second album “The End Of Mankind” which turned to be a good success from critics and fans. The band then embarked on a long tour through Europe and got the chance to play in the UK for the first time. In November 2018, after their second European Tour supporting “The End Of Mankind”, Ema decided to quit the band and was replaced by Ale. The band continued to tour non stop in 2018 and 2019 gaining more fans show after show. Adversor also played some important shows supporting renowned acts in the metal scene such as Exciter, Protector, Nifelheim, Gama Bomb and many more. The band is currently in the studio recording their 3rd full-lenght.

Portrait Of A Wasteland, a new chapter

Portrait Of A Wasteland represents a journey through some of the darkest moments a person can ever experience: suffering, anxiety, grief, frustration, barren dreams, denied future without forgetting a ferocious critic to a rotten society, clearly drowning into a spiral of extremisms. Ten raging tracks of pure metal that define a new chapter for the band, displaying a more mature sound mixing Thrash, Death, Black and classical Heavy. Vitriolic lyrics, razor-sharp riffs, neckwrecking parts are what Portrait Of A Wasteland is made of.

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