Line up:

Luigi Cara – Bass & Vocals
Giampiero Serra – Drums
Andrea Sechi – Guitars
Luigi Porceddu – Live session Guitars

City:Bessude – Sardegna, Italy

Style: Furious Death Musik

Deathcrush is a trio formed in 2003 in Bessude, Sardinia (Italy).
Their music is a furious old school death metal with blackned and brutal riffings.
After demos, ep and live shows across sardinia and italy in 2013, the band signed the first deal with casket music for the worldwide release of their debut album “collective brain infektion” and started an intense live activity across Italy all Europe and play some show with Obituary, Hour of penance, Natron and many others.
In 2017 the band signed a new deal with The spew rec. / Punishment18 for the release of the second full-lenght “Hell”, evolving more obscurity on sound and lyrics.
They played on two tour across all Europe and played at Las vegas deathfest in USA.
In 2019 the band release the first live album recorded in Poland entitled “Spreading the pest – live in Poland” via Punishment18\hellbones rec.
Now the band signed with Time To Kill records and in 2022 release their 3th full-lenght studio album “Under Serpents Reign”.


Collective Brain Infektion [Casket Musik] (2013)
Hell [Punishment18/The Spew Rec.] (2017)
Spreading The Pest (Live in Poland) [Punishment18/The triad Rec.] (2019)


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