Line up:

Krhura : bass
Raijinous: Guitar,synth,backing vocals
Erymanthon Seth: lead vocals,Guitar
P: drums

City: Italy

Style: black metal

Feralia arises from the need of three Italian musicians, to put down the original daemon residing in the deepest of the human soul.
The band proposes a personal kind of black metal influenced by classical/old school norwegian sound, adding in an instinctive way with modern elements creating a unique sound, pierced with melancholy and epic tones.
Vocal parts of the first album are sung by Tibor Kati “Negura bunget/Sur astru”.
After the release of Helios Manifesto in October, the band immediately got to work on the new tracks. In the time between the release of the first album and the recordings of the new Under Stige/ Over Dianam albums, Khrura also joined Inchiuvatu as a new bass player.
On 2021 new guys joined the band: Erymanthon Seth (Apocalypse) on vocals and guitars and P. (Noise Trail Immersion) (O) in drums.
The first album of the band “Helios Manifesto” is a concept that runs through the mystical / initiatory path of man as “god” of himself, using sometimes Aleister Crowley and thelemic extracts to explain with images an esoteric and initiation mood.

Helios manifesto (2020)
Under Stige/ Over Dianam (spring 2022)


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