Line up:

gAbbath – Vocals & Guitar
Deleterioth – Guitar
ChrisNunnoS – Bass
Comrade Fiacchi – Bass
ValHell – Drums

City: Colleferro – Italy

Style: New Wave Of heavy Black Metal Oi!

Born and fed in Colleferro (not too far from Rome), Plakkaggio HC play their mix of punk HC, Heavy and extreme Metal since 2004.
Colleferro, its strong rugby tradition as well as its anticlerical heritage, is one of the band’s favourite and much loved themes.
In 2014 the band is renamed into Plakkaggio (without HC) and follows a more straight twist into Black Metal and Northern Europe Metal sounds mixing up into a unique genre they called “Italian New Wave of Black Heavy Oi!”


Liar (2004 Demo Cdr)
Il Nemico (2007 Full Length)
Fronte Del Sacco (2009 Full Length)
Approdo (2012 Full Length)
Plakkaggio HC & Gli Ultimi (2013 Split Vinyl EP)
C.D.G. (Vinyl EP 2014)
Ziggurath (2015 Full Length)
Sarcofago (2020 Complete Discography Box 3 CDs)
Verso La Vetta (2022 Full Length)


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