Rabid Dogs

Rabid Dogs

Line up:

Blade – Bass & Vocals
Doc – Guitar & Vocals
32 – Drums & Vocals

City: Atessa Italy

Style: Stoned Grind ‘n’ Roll

Rabid Dogs is a trio formed in 2009 in Atessa, Italy.
Their music is a fusion of grindcore, sludge and raw rock & roll, melting it all with pulp and cinematic lyrics.
In 2011 the band released their homonym debut album and started an intense live activity across all Europe.
Since then, others 2 full-lenghts and 1 EP were released, evolving their sound in something more original and gaining the stage of important European festivals.
Now the band is about to release their 4th full-lenght “Black Cowslip” under Time To Kill Records, prosecuting their path of excess, bad taste and hopeless rock ‘n’ roll!


Rabid Dogs (LP 2011)
Beasts With Guns (LP 2012)
The Octopus (EP 2013)
Italian Mysteries (LP 2017)
Black Cowslip (LP 2021)