Soul Dragger

Soul Dragger

Time To kill Records


Alessio “Alex” Pompedda – Voice / Guitar
Davide “Spol” Spoletini – Guitar
Jacopo “Jake” Gennaro – Bass & B/Voice
Flavio “Imperatore” Leone – Drums




Style: Modern Heavy Metal

City: Rome, Italy




The band was born in 2017 by the frontman Alex. In February 2018 they release their first official EP self-produced named Before Chaos. In 2019 they enter into Kick Recording Studios to start to work on their first album called “Soul Dragger”, produced by Marco Mastrobuono (producer of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance), which will be released under the label Time To Kill Records in February 2020.


“Before Chaos” (EP) – autoprodotto


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