Enrico Giannone – Insults
Stefano Casanica – Guitar

The band:

Marco Mastrobuono – bass
Demian Campora – drums


Style: Grind, Brutal, Hardcore

City: Naples/Rome Italy



Undertakers were born in late 1991. During their career they shared the stage with Napalm Death, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Fuzztones, Sinister, Dog Eat Dog, Krabathor, Disgorge, Pandemia, Ryker’s and many more (too many to list them all) and have 3 European tours behind them, participation in various editions of the Brutal Assault and Dynamo Open Air.
Their style has slowly changed from a classic death metal to an incredible mix of Grind, Brutal and Hardcore.

In Limine Mortis 1993 Demo

Beholding The Reality 1994 Demo

Suffering Withing 1996

Live in Brutality 1999

Vision Distortion Perversion 2000

Fascist Pig_Suicide in Venice (A Tribute to Suicidal Tendencies) 2000

Alive Rumble in Brutality 7” 2001

Ripetutamente 99 posse Song sul cd NA_99_10° 2001

Chaos in Music 4 way Split 2003

Revision Dstortion Xversion (feat. Reeks) 2004



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