Unison Theory

Unison Theory

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Alexander Startsev | vocals
Omar Mohamed | guitars
Simone Tempesta | drums
Giulio Rimoli | bass

Style: Death Metal

City: Rome (ITALY)


After publishing the promo-EP “Under A New Flag” last year and performing around Italy supporting acts such as Hour Of Penance and Embryo, UNISON THEORY are ready to release their debut album ‘ARCTOS’.
‘ARCTOS’ is a journey based on the amazing book by James Rollins “Ice Hunt”. Unbelievable scenarios and horrific creatures will lead you through one of the most dangerous and breathtaking stories ever concieved.
Death metal with thrash metal shades and symphonic elements by UNISON THEORY will be definitely enjoyed by fans of Revocation, Obscura, Symphony X and many more.
ARCTOS will release on October 2016 via Time To Kill Records in everything place that music is sold.


“Under a new flag” EP was released in 2015 (Kick Recording Studio).

Unison theory arctos“ARCTOS”
  LP  (Kick Recording Studio):





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