Line up:

Ale – Vocals and Guitar, composer
Gigi – Bass
Micha – Drum

City: Lucca – Italy

Style: thrash metal

Violentor play raw and fast Speed Thrash Metal with Punk/Hardcore Influences since 2004
The project Violentor was formed by Alessio Medici in 2004 with the will to make a band to play fast and aggressive metal influenced by Speed and Thrash metal and Hardcore.
In the years Violentor activism into the metal scene was growing and becoming one of the “new wave” band of the Italian Underground Scene to be competitive in the music business.
Violentor is a live band, nomad, globetrotter, ready to spread the word of metal and freedom around the universe. Hate, Antichristianity , Lustful killers, Freedom of Will, Antisystem are the topics covered.


Violentor (2011)
Rot (2012)
13 Split (2015)
Maniacs (2015)
Putrid Stench (2019)
Return of the Assassins EP (2020)


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